Social Power and Leadership

Are You Sick Of Feeling Stressed And
Inadequate In Social Situations?

Do you wish you were confident at parties and in meetings? Do you feel intimidated by family members or coworkers? Do you wish you could influence people and get them to respect you? Are you tired of not getting what you want and deserve?


Humans are social creatures. Our interactions with each other define how we live, work, and how we view ourselves. Even those with severe social phobias still crave the companionship, love, and respect of other people. It’s part of who we are.


But that doesn’t mean we’re all skilled at it! Our personality, experiences, ability to deal with stress, our health... all these factors and more shape how we perceive, and react to, the people around us. For example, a shy person might become guarded or withdrawn, while an outgoing person could be defensive and controlling.


And these distortions limit us. Someone who can’t trust may have trouble in relationships. Someone who is withdrawn might not get the promotion they deserve because they can’t lead a team or speak up for themselves. Defensiveness gets in the way of learning. Being controlling can erode teamwork and destroy families.


So it’s no surprise that the less socially skilled you are, the less likely you are to be inspired and successful.


But what if you could improve your social skills the same way you exercise your body or expand your mind?


What if you could become a calm, confident person who inspires others? What if you could break down the fears and limitations that keep you from experiencing deep and meaningful social interactions? Can you imagine how far that would take you in your life and career?

How Social Power & Leadership Mentoring

Will Change Your Life

With Social Power & Leadership Mentoring, you'll learn...

  • How to break through the fear that holds you back in your life and career

  • How to lead and influence others in a positive and effective way

  • How to exercise your power without being overbearing or abrasive

  • How to earn the respect of others and maintain your image

  • How to work with others towards a goal without chaos or confusion

  • How to lead the way in solving arguments and problems so everyone can move forward

  • How to unlock your potential to connect with others on a deeper level

  • How to stand up for yourself without becoming angry or defensive

  • How to get others to help you in your efforts

  • How to thrive in social situations rather than hide from them

  • How to be a useful and influential member of society

Who Can Benefit From Social Power & Leadership Mentoring?

  • Anyone who has to work in or lead a team

  • Anyone who feels ignored or dominated by co-workers, partners, or family

  • Anyone who works with volunteers, fundraising, or non-profits where teamwork and getting donations of time and/or money are important

  • Anyone who feels stressed in social situations or is afraid to speak in front of people

  • Anyone who wants to improve their social life

  • Anyone who is unable to give or accept constructive criticism

  • Anyone who works with customers, clients, or the public

  • Anyone who would like to have closer, more fulfilling personal relationships

  • Anyone who wants to live in a state of personal power in order to resolve conflict, ask for what they want, and be successful!

How The Mentoring Process Works

The process begins with a free 15 minute coaching session. The initial session is a casual get together for both of us to find out if we can work together. Free mentoring sessions are completed over the phone.

After the initial 15 minute phone consultation, Debz and her team will create a customized action plan and work with you to schedule your future sessions. While each situation is different, clients average 8 to 16 sessions depending on your individual needs.

Next, you'll meet with either Debz or one of her experienced mentors and your session will begin. They'll ask you questions and get to the heart about what's been holding you back from living the life you want and deserve. You'll find these session incredible insightful and useful journeys of self-discovery.

"Thank you to Deb for a wonderful experience. Working with Deb, my biggest breakthrough was realising that people should not be put on a pedestal or in the pit and that we are all equal. Deb taught me to let go of the past. Deborah is highly energised, charismatic and understanding and I am really pleased I have met her. Thank you Deb."


Gaylene Kellick
Whanganui, New Zealand

"By working with Deborah, she has showed me the ability to be more certain with who I was and my direction. She enabled me to set up my own business and deliver a quality product to the market as intended. Deborah demonstrated to me the ebbs & flows that she had endured whilst pursuing her vision. By utilising the plan and its strategies, during the most challenging moments proving to be priceless. Deborah has left me with tools that ensure I stay capable and aware."


Nichola Hughes
Christchurch, New Zealand

"It has been an inspiration. There is a change of emotion and neutralization for me, so thank you for that. Your passion for what you do is inspiration for me and I thank you for that."


Candy Hudson
Western Australia

About Debz and Her Team Of

Experienced Coaches

Deborah Cooper is Australasia's first Master Demartini Method® Facilitator, and one of only 8 people in the world certified as a Master Demartini Method® Facilitator. Her training in human behaviour and years of experience in coaching others, allow her to shine a light on your "blind spots" so you can see what's been standing in your way. Then, once the path is clear, you can start moving rapidly towards your goals.


Debz has an amazing team, all of whom have trained with Dr. John Demartini and under her personally.

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If you truly want to make changes in your life, you have to start from the inside. You can keep trying to, "get yourself together," but unless you learn to break down the barriers that have held you back in the past, you're doomed to repeat those behaviours. So do something that will have permanent results. Schedule a free consultation today and learn how to create the life you want!

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her  life to helping people and businesses  unlock their full potential. 

By teaching you to identify—and break down—the barriers  that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you  reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance  in pursuit of your goals. 

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