Physical Health and Wellbeing

Would You Like To Look And Feel

Your Best Everyday?

Are you overweight and out of shape? Do you wish you had more energy, stamina, and strength? Would you like to be one of those people who always looks great and radiates self-confidence?


Everyone wants to look and feel as good as they possibly can! Who would choose weak, sick, and sloppy over energised, healthy, and attractive?


But physical wellness isn’t just about health and how we look. It’s also the ability to experience and appreciate the physical world around us; our physical being in the world. To truly enjoy a swim or be able to sit still for a moment and feel the grass allows us to recharge and learn to be present in every moment.


Yet, even though physical health and wellness are clearly important, most of us are not the best we can be. We allow stress, time, distractions, and eventually illness, fatigue, and other ailments to get in the way keeping up our health and appearance. We stop taking care of ourselves.


But what if you could start each day looking and feeling your best, be relaxed and ready to go, and know you’ll be able to be completely present (and enjoy) every moment? Wouldn’t that change everything?

How Physical Health & Wellbeing Mentoring Will

Change Your Life

Our minds and bodies are connected. How we think and feel about ourselves has a direct link with our state of health and wellbeing in our bodies. This is knowledge that many indigenous tribes have known for years but the medical industry are only beginning to realize.

With Physical Health & Wellbeing Mentoring, you'll learn...

  • How to overcome hurdles that keep you from losing weight and practicing healthy habits

  • How to be aware of your body’s needs so you can monitor your health and practice moderation

  • How to become physically present in any moment so you can fully enjoy it

  • How to take pride in your appearance and make time to always look your best

  • How to clear stress and tension from your body and relax your muscles

  • How to sleep more soundly and wake up rested and ready for the day

  • How to greatly increase your ability to focus to achieve the best results

  • How to use physical awareness to balance extreme emotions

  • How to maximise your body’s function to promote health and wellness

Who Can Benefit From Physical Health & Wellbeing Mentoring?

  • Anyone who is overweight and having trouble losing weight and keeping it off

  • Anyone who constantly lacks the motivation to leave the house and exercise

  • Anyone who has unhealthy habits they want to change, such as smoking or lack of exercise

  • Anyone who wants to be more mindful and present in their lives

  • Anyone who is responsible for the physical health and wellbeing of others, such as nurses and doctors, naturopaths, yoga instructors and meditation guides, caregivers, and parents

  • Anyone who wants to be look better and make a good impression

  • Anyone who has a business or job that focuses heavily on appearance, such as a fashion consultant, hair stylist, boutique owner, makeup artist, or salesperson

  • Anyone who wants to take better care of themselves and others, and live a happier, healthier life!

How The Mentoring Process Works

The process begins with a free 15 minute coaching session. The initial session is a casual get together for both of us to find out if we can work together. Free mentoring sessions are completed over the phone.

After the initial 15 minute phone consultation, Debz and her team will create a customized action plan and work with you to schedule your future sessions. While each situation is different, clients average 8 to 16 sessions depending on your individual needs.

Next, you'll meet with either Debz or one of her experienced mentors and your session will begin. They'll ask you questions and get to the heart about what's been holding you back from living the life you want and deserve. You'll find these session incredible insightful and useful journeys of self-discovery.

"Debz helped me rediscover my sense of purpose and direction… Prior to contacting Deb my life was somewhat in the doldrums. My career had stalled which was impacting on my sense of identity and the relationships with the people I hold precious. Thanks to Deb's no-nonsense approach and the methodologies she uses, she helped me rediscover my sense of purpose and direction. Debz input helped me crystallise my new concept, Nickersise. My future has never been as clear and bright to me as it is now."


Nicolas Vlachoulis
Perth, Australia

"I started working with Deborah to achieve a healthier life and lose weight to benefit not only myself but also my family.  Deborah’s programme has helped me to change my mindset not just about eating and weight but how I feel about myself and what is most important to me. I now have the confidence to finally be positive about purchasing new clothes and actually trying them on in the store instead of purchasing the size I think I am. Wearing better fitting clothes, sometimes in smaller sizes that I had imagined has given me the confidence to hold my head high in social situations as an equal and not think of myself as the underdog."


Karen Hobbs
Dunedin, New Zealand

"I loved working with Deborah and her no-shit approach. She works to the point, gets the point, and you move on. I really liked this. It’s really great value as she got me the best results in as quick a time as possible. Deborah has had a huge impact on my life in all areas. It’s changed my life in so many ways, more than I could have imagined. Deborah is a straight talker, professional and highly knowledgeable."


Jaclyn Smith
Melbourne, Australia

About Debz and Her Team Of

Experienced Coaches

Deborah Cooper is Australasia's first Master Demartini Method® Facilitator, and one of only 8 people in the world certified as a Master Demartini Method® Facilitator. Her training in human behaviour and years of experience in coaching others, allow her to shine a light on your "blind spots" so you can see what's been standing in your way. Then, once the path is clear, you can start moving rapidly towards your goals.


Debz has an amazing team, all of whom have trained with Dr. John Demartini and under her personally.

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If you truly want to make changes in your life, you have to start from the inside. You can keep trying to, "get yourself together," but unless you learn to break down the barriers that have held you back in the past, you're doomed to repeat those behaviours. So do something that will have permanent results. Schedule a free consultation today and learn how to create the life you want!

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her  life to helping people and businesses  unlock their full potential. 

By teaching you to identify—and break down—the barriers  that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you  reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance  in pursuit of your goals. 

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