Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Would You Like To Learn How To Live Again
After Grief And Loss?

Are you struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one? Do you feel an overwhelming sense of grief? Perhaps you feel anger, pain or guilt at the situation, or find it difficult to see a way forward to cope with your loss?


If you’re finding it challenging or impossible to live life following a bereavement, you are not alone. Everybody deals with loss differently, but eventually find a way through the various stages of grief to find acceptance and a way to see a future once more.


What if you could learn to process your grief at your own pace, with the support of an experienced and sensitive mentor? What if you were able to realise a way to move forward with your own life despite your sense of loss? Wouldn’t it be a relief to accept your grief, and to be able to find coping strategies?

How Grief Mentoring Will Change Your Life

With Grief Mentoring, you'll learn...

  • How to express your feelings, to remember the relationship you had with your loved one, and examine any issues surrounding their death.

  • How to address any unfinished business with your loved one after their passing.

  • How to understand and recognise in yourself the main stages of grief: denial, pain and anger, guilt and bargaining, depression and loneliness, acceptance.

  • How to remember your loved one, create a memory box, a symbol for remembrance or a special place of significance.

  • How to deal with practical life changes resulting from your loss.

  • How to create a new sense of identity based on life without the loved one.

Who Can Benefit From Grief Mentoring?

  • Anyone who has suffered the loss of a close friend or loved one.

  • Anyone struggling to function normally after a loss.

  • Anyone who is lonely or isolated and finding it difficult to maintain a sense of identity.

  • Anyone needing support in learning to process and express the complex emotions surrounding grief and bereavement.

  • Anyone having to adjust to a vastly altered way of life after the loss of a partner or close family member, learning new practical skills.

  • Anyone struggling to come to terms with a terminal diagnosis, whether they are ill themselves, or a loved one is suffering illness.

How The Mentoring Process Works

The process begins with a free 15 minute coaching session. The initial session is a casual get together for both of us to find out if we can work together. Free mentoring sessions are completed over the phone.

After the initial 15 minute phone consultation, Debz and her team will create a customized action plan and work with you to schedule your future sessions. While each situation is different, clients average 8 to 16 sessions depending on your individual needs.

Next, you'll meet with either Debz or one of her experienced mentors and your session will begin. They'll ask you questions and get to the heart about what's been holding you back from living the life you want and deserve. You'll find these session incredible insightful and useful journeys of self-discovery

"Working with Debz helped me realise there is a balance to everything. She introduced me to being aware that if things are unbalanced, to look at whats on the otherside and to bring aspects back into the middle. My biggest breakthrough with Debz was realising that the responsibilities that I blamed on others were down to myself. She helped me work on all areas but I found Relationships to be the most effective. Deborah is to the point and effective."


Michael Troy
Brisbane, Australia

"When I first met Debz my life was in conflict, nothing seemed to be going right and I was  lacking in confidence and worrying about everything. I thought “I couldn’t do anything right” and I was “never good enough”. Having worked through many issues, I can now say I have the confidence to make decisions and believe that I am a competent and capable person. I will continue to grow as a person with the techniques that Deborah has taught me. I would like to recommend that anyone wanting to change their life and live a more enjoyable life should consult with Debz, she is wonderful"


Judy Croy
Christchurch, New Zealand

"What I loved about Deborah is her transperancy. She taught me that its OK to be who you are. She allowed me to empower myself and to give it a go. I felt the difference in all areas but particularly Spiritual, I really liked that side of it. Deborah was always present, insiring and mindful, I have happily recommended her to other people. She is more than just an inspired speaker. She is eager for a challenge and always willing to take on the challenge and I am grateful for that."


Keryn Fitzsimons
New South Wales, Australia

About Debz and Her Team Of

Experienced Coaches

Deborah Cooper is Australasia's first Master Demartini Method® Facilitator, and one of only 8 people in the world certified as a Master Demartini Method® Facilitator. Her training in human behaviour and years of experience in coaching others, allow her to shine a light on your "blind spots" so you can see what's been standing in your way. Then, once the path is clear, you can start moving rapidly towards your goals.


Debz has an amazing team, all of whom have trained with Dr. John Demartini and under her personally.

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If you truly want to make changes in your life, you have to start from the inside. You can keep trying to, "get yourself together," but unless you learn to break down the barriers that have held you back in the past, you're doomed to repeat those behaviours. So do something that will have permanent results. Schedule a free consultation today and learn how to create the life you want!

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her  life to helping people and businesses  unlock their full potential. 

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