Deborah Cooper


Performance Strategist

Master Certified Demartini

Method Facilitator


Debz will give you the edge and perspective to create  leverage opportunities at every level. Using the tools she  has to offer Debz will help you open your mind and discover  your potential. Your ability to influence, impact and engage  the world around you will expand exponentially. 


Whatever challenger that you may be facing, Debz will assist you in overcoming the obstacles that are in the way of you achieving the results you deserve. Resolving emotional issues allows you to increase your enthusiasm for life, which in turn boosts physical vitality, feelings of success, and emotional quality. This will lead to fulfillment across all areas of your life.


My latest one-day program 'The Key to Self-Clarity' has come about from many things but definitely from watching people from inspired into burnout mode. This is where the art of delegation is vital. Learn more about this event and special events from Debz and Dr. John Demartini!


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Deborah Cooper has dedicated her  life to helping people and businesses  unlock their full potential. 

By teaching you to identify—and break down—the barriers  that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you  reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance  in pursuit of your goals. 

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