OWN Your Shit!

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Yes the subject is correct … OWN Your Shit!  Now it isn’t that hard but it may take you a few times till you can master this and process it quicker.
OWN Your Shit basically means take OWNERSHIP of what others say to you about you, what they say about you behind your back (beware of Chinese Whispers though), and when you feel the desire (or not) to own up to something you have done, that you feel guilty over.

Now let me explain why OWNERSHIP is so important.  If for example someone calls you a liar, and this peeves you off, well take OWN Your Shit of that.  Yes I am sure there are many many times you have lied in your life … “Don’t run on the road or you’ll get hit by a truck” … “I can’t go out tonight as my babysitter has fallen through” … “Yes honey you look great – let’s go” … “I’m not feeling well so I’d like to skip tonight” … “I promise I will call you later Nana” … “Yes Mum I am eating healthy” … “Yes Dad I am saving my money” …

Now for those “lies”, I don’t believe they are massive ones but to others they could be massive.  My favourite is the “Yes honey you look great – let’s go” comment. Now as you are already behind time and know fully well that if you tell them they don’t look the best, there is going to be LOTS of changes of clothes that you are going to be dragged into. So you make the quickest and wisest decision, to lie.  No guilt but more relieved they listened to you and you got out the door on time.

If you can take OWNERSHIP of agreeing that you do lie, your mind won’t spin into chaos and this will allow you to keep functioning … and not taking on others shite!
When someone calls you something and you feel your blood boil, define what they are calling you on and OWN Your Shit.  The quicker you can do this, the less reactive you are and can move forward with ease.

When growing up, I would take on what others say about me (whether positive or negative) and sometimes it would throw me out so much so that I would play the victim card to get others on my side.  Now there is nothing wrong with playing victim, it does serve, however you are still relying on others to make you feel better.  When you involve others, you are seeking “justification” to being correct.  So instead of bringing in others to your dramas, when you feel that blood boil, OWN Your Shit!

Can you think of a time you have told someone “I never do …” or “I don’t do THAT like XX does” … And I guarantee within a week (usually 24/72 hours) BAM, you get the slam … you bloody do! This is another way the Universe is teaching you to OWN Your Shit!

Recently I was at an event where I was asked to share some tips on how my business grew.  As I was talking I said “I never discount my rate”.  Well bloomin heck, I paused, I went straight there in my memory and recalled last week I gave a lady $50 off a program I was selling.  If you were watching me, you would have noticed I paused and looked like I went off track but no, I was OWNING my shit!  This took me maybe 5 seconds to come up with 2 specific memories.  Then I flowed into my presentation.

The more you OWN Your Shit the quicker you can see this and the less disgruntled you are when things get thrown at you.

Of course this is just one step to your evolution of not letting others control your life and your emotions.  If you would love to know more on this, I am running my signature program Awaken Your Excellence in Melbourne in September.

This is where you will hear my stories of how OWNERSHIP has taken me to a different level in my business and life.  Obviously you don’t just hear my stories but you start working on challenges or elations that have gone on in your life.

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