Deborah Cooper, International Speaker,

Mentor And Australasia First Certified Master Demartini Method Facilitator

Deborah's Mission

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her life to helping people and businesses unlock their full potential.

By teaching you to identify—and break down—the barriers that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance in pursuit of your goals.

Deborah’s mission is to give you the tools to achieve empowerment in all the areas of your life:

  • Vocational Service and Success – Do what you love and love what you do.
  • Financial Independence and Freedom – Raise net worth, (by raising self worth), and experience new freedom in how you live your life.
  • Physical Health and Wellbeing – Dissolve stress and chaos and increase vitality and energy!
  • Social Power and Leadership – Unlock your leadership and increase your influence.
  • Family Love, Relationships, and Intimacy – Resolve past hurt, improve current relationships, and gain stability through love and acceptance.
  • Mental Understanding and Wisdom – Enhance your genius and memory.
  • Spiritual Immortality and Truth – Appreciate your vision and mission with an open heart.

Deborah’s work has no boundaries and can be used by individuals of all ages. She works with businesses to keep the team inspired and productive, resolve conflict among staff, and find ways to move the company forward. Deborah also has a special desire for helping women achieve balance between personal life and work.

Deborah's Story

Deborah’s journey began when she became frustrated by her stagnated career and was having trouble devoting time to both work and her family. Desperate to improve her situation, she decided to attend a seminar to learn the Demartini Method®.

Based on psychology, neurology, physiology, philosophy, and other human behaviour disciplines, the Demartini Method® gives you the tools to re-think and resolve any obstacle to your happiness. Deborah felt a weight lift off her shoulders and had a clear vision for the future.

When she returned home from the seminar, she asked for a meeting with her boss to discuss how the company could use her knowledge to advance the business (and her career). Her boss was thrilled with her ideas and they made plans to move ahead.

However, three days after their meeting her boss passed away unexpectedly. While she was mourning her boss (and seeing her dreams slip away again), Deb was involved in a horrible accident. Her injuries put her in a wheelchair for nine weeks. Then, within a week of the accident, her relationship of five years ended.

It was a shattering string of events. But Deborah soon realised the tools she learned through the Demartini Method® didn’t just apply to her career —she could apply them to other parts of her life, too!

And so, she was able to heal and see the events as blessings and opportunities. Instead of falling into depression, she discovered inspiration and a new purpose in life: to help others overcome even the most daunting challenges and create a meaningful, exciting future.

Her Training & Experience

Not only is Deborah Australasia’s first Demartini Method® Facilitator, she is one of just 8 people in the world certified by Dr. Demartini as a Master Demartini Method® Facilitator.

Used professionally by many psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, and health professionals across the globe, the Demartini Method® is famous for teaching people how to empower all 7 areas of life: mental genius, vocational direction and leadership, success and fulfillment, financial prosperity, spiritual awareness, social skills and communication, and physical wellness.

Not surprisingly, Deborah is in high demand world-wide, being sought after for speaking engagements as well as business and personal mentoring. In an effort to help as many people as possible, Deborah also hosts wildly popular seminars.

She has also been frequently featured in the media.

Deborah's Promise To You

Deborah’s past experiences make her extremely inspired about what she does. She’s been through major life struggles and has used the Demartini Method® successfully to rebuild her life and succeed. And she can help you do the same.

“Any area that you are disempowered, someone else will take over,” Deborah says.

“The key in your life is to be empowered in all areas. We all have challenges in life, and how we deal with those challenges determines our future. You can either stand up overcome, or shrug away – the choice is yours.”

“If you work with myself or one of my team​ and are open to the process, I promise you WILL see a significant improvement in every aspect of your life.”