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This past week I’ve been listening to others (more than I normally would) … which can be beneficial and can also be a detriment to you.  This is a tad controversial when my business is built around my knowledge and sharing it with others … however, there are benefits to my knowledge … read on …

While in Australia I had the opportunity to present my knowledge to a group of inspiring leaders in an industry that can be challenging – working with children.

Centre for Hope is an organisation in Newcastle, which supports children and their families/care givers on lifting their self esteem, emotional intelligence, writing mission statements and implementing goal settings. I have know the founder Geraldine for around 7 years and watching her grow over this time to embrace the challenges and support that come her way, has been a personal inspiration for me.  So you can see the pull why I have a desire to assist in their growth of mentoring their mentors.

I told a handful of people I was going to Newcastle for two days.  I was warned to look after myself and stay alert.  I was warned that if I looked at someone the “wrong way”, I might find a challenger.  I was warned to not take my ‘pricey’ possessions.  So of course this got me on edge – what type of war zone was I walking into???

I call BS on that!

Newcastle was sunny!  Newcastle people were down to earth, potentially some of the most DTE peeps I have met (they say it how it is).  Newcastle does have traffic lights!  They also have whales – yes I even took the time to stop and look for them – I saw one!

The crew out for dinner – spot the prize possessions!

I had the opportunity to not only work with the mentors of Centre for Hope, I also had the opportunity to work with five teenage boys.  The boys taught me more than I could have imagined.  They taught me that educating adults is WAY different to educating teens.

One of the things I “had” to do to get my message across to the boys was push ups.  Now for those who know me, they are NOT something that inspires me – results do, but doing them doesn’t.  The moment I surrendered to how I expected the event to run, the energy shifted in the room.  One of the boys who had no desire to look at me, took his hat off and shouted “do more – do more”.  I was already huffing like a … and doing more pushups was so NOT happening, however, I got his attention.  He became present, picked up his pen (yes with my accent I called it a biro), and started doing the work.  What transformed over the time we shared was moving.  The energy he portrayed shifted.  He became engaged and even helped those around him with the exercises.

What is the point you are saying?  Well if I did fully listen to those around me, I would have put a doubt on my safety and potentially not gone.  How crazy would that have been!

However because of what I experienced, my team are finalizing the details on running a few events in Newcastle in September – watch this space!

Now there are multiple enhances to my life for going to Newcastle and one of them is a confirmation to myself for listen to my intuition.  Not only listen, but to follow through and allow my certainty to take control.  When I go back to the memories of where others gave me their opinion, I see at that time I was doubting myself.

Ask yourself “what knowledge do they have that I believe I don’t have”?  Define specifically what this is.

Then ask yourself where do you have this knowledge?  Think of a specific memory where others and/or yourself have seen you display/articulate this “knowledge”.

I’d love to hear your insights!

Remember when someone is giving you advice – ask yourself what value are you taking from that conversation.

You don’t have to take it all – you will only take in what are you ready to hear!

So after I tell you that listening to others can be a detriment to yourself, I am promoting my upcoming signature program Awaken Your Excellence  -to be held in Sydney and Melbourne. Yes this is me live as I share my knowledge and give you tips and we implement in the program action steps on how to move forward.

I have certainty at the end of the program, you will be able to control your emotions, understand why things are happening to you and shift your perception of what chaos truly is.  Of course there is SO much more than that – check it out here:  Awaken Your Excellence.

Awaken Your Excellence – Sydney, NEXT Saturday – 1 July.

My colleague Dr Demartini is in Sydney this Monday for his teen program Inspired Destiny for Young Adults.  He is also presenting his signature program The Breakthrough Experience in Melbourne later in the year.

If you are interested in knowing more about what I have shared or have a specific question, email my team!

If you have a city/town you would love me to come to – also email my team.  They love the connections as they get stuck behind a computer all day!

Don’t forget to let me know your insights of the knowledge exercise!


Love and gratitude

Deborah x

Inspire. Purpose. Achieve.


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