KIDS!! Does yours have a voice and a vision?

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Yah yah I am back in New Zealand. Although my purpose for being back changed, I am grateful to be in familiar surroundings.

Today I would like to talk about the next generation … children …

My daughter injured her knee last year and this threw out her plans for achieving far greater with her sporting abilities. There were quite a few words (familiar in my vocab) shared. Twelve months later the specialists decided full knee reconstructive surgery was the only way forward. Now you can imagine my daughter wasn’t impressed with this. 1) Not being able to play sport until it is sorted 2) Once operated, we were looking at around 6 months rehab 3) An ugly scar 4) School formal in crutches (no way)!

So instead of sitting back waiting on the operation, she started researching. She investigated what can happen if it goes wrong, what happens if it goes right, what happens when she is older etc. She didn’t give up on getting answers to her quality questions.

While investigating, she had also been managing her knee. She was back playing sport and recording how and what was happening the more she pushed herself.

Fast forward, while in Perth I get a call from my Mum telling me Sophie has chosen not to have the operation. So of course, I go into “colourful language” mode until Mum explained the situation. With the research Sophie has done she has found out the surgeon isn’t as experienced as what we both thought and how can she have an operation when she is managing her knee with limited pain.

You’re probably wondering why am I telling you about my daughter. For a 16 year old, she has a voice and a vision. Every person has a voice and vision – no matter what age, gender, race … However, we sometimes choose not to stand up to our vision and back ourselves hence subordinating to authorities.

In Sophie’s mind, having a knee operation made complete sense to heal her. This is what she was told. However over time, the more she started to manage her body, the more she researched what alternatives could be achieved. She interviewed Doctors, Specialists, friends who have had knee surgery and asked a lot of questions. Her brain is loaded with information on knees – way more than I even want to know! Her outcome was to not go ahead with the surgery at this time – hence the decision.

You can imagine I was a tad peeved she pulled out of the surgery as I had planned my business trips around this and knew once it’s done, we don’t have to deal with it anymore. So as I flew in the day before her scheduled surgery, which was no longer happening, I started to look at the amazing blessings I have within my daughter. She will continue to ask those questions until she gets an answer that sits right in her mind. She will continue to listen to her body and be aware of her surroundings and reactions. She will continue to push my personal boundaries on what a child ‘should’ be.

I have tried not to bleat to my daughter much on how she should and shouldn’t be but it’s damn tough not giving your opinion to others when you can see what they are in for. We don’t want them to go through the same stuff we did if there is a quicker way to learn lessons. It is about trust and letting go. Knowing she will fall, lay there for a bit and pick herself up when she is ready to take on the challenge.

Just giggling as she just called me asking if she could get a piercing … yep I had an opinion – how quick was that for me to dismiss what I just typed!

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So now I will sign off and put my mummy hat on … not sure what role that plays but could be anything from help tidy her bedroom, cook (nope) or even just chat!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this and until next time see you.

Love and gratitude
Deborah x
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