Failure … Yep my BIG time experience!

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Wow what a whirlpool it has been the last couple of weeks around me. After cracking a bone in my wrist and finally being out of my cast, now in a splint, I had to surrender quite a bit of my ego and allow others (especially strangers) to assist me. The things we take for granted (travelling and carrying your luggage, washing our hair, getting dressed, writing notes when attending courses and typing …) can be such a nightmare being an independent gal!

But today I am not going to talk about surrendering to your ego (but if you would love to know how – email my team and I will write about it) – I am going to talk about “failures”.

Now as soon as I type ‘failure’, I can feel your mind go straight to a time you failed. Your body shivered and you know exactly what I am talking about.

So let me share one of my failures this past fortnight … Have you heard of The Breakthrough Experience? Dr John Demartini’s signature program, which shows you how to gain mastery of your mind and how to control your emotions. Basically it is about maximizing your human potential. So from my perception, it is a pretty powerful program to attend for your growth. Dr Demartini has run this program since 1972 and teaches his work over 300 days of the year.

So on the Tuesday when I had lunch with John in Brisbane, Australia, I gave him a little bit of lip and suggested he start to hand things over to his team and expressed that we are capable and ready for the challenge and support that will follow … you already know where this is going don’t you!

Well on the Tuesday afternoon Dr Demartini asked the three Master Demartini Method Facilitators to present a section of his work to the attendees – I was one of those Master Facilitators. We had no time to prep although I believe the other two had more than 5 mins, where as poor me got about 30 seconds warning!

So yes, up the front I go to present … this is where the FAILURE comes in … I remembered about 70% of the content and knew my intention … but I forgot 30% of the essential parts. So as I am up the front, looking like a possum in the headlights, I am sweating and all eyes are on me. I think I covered everything until Dr Demartini asks me to share about a specific story where clients can relate … oops I had forgotten that part … then I try and recite his words … FAILURE … so he adds his part and then asks me to talk about how specifically is this important to their lives … oops I had forgotten that part … then I try and recite his words … FAILURE … you know where this went … three times he gives me prompts … three times I FAILED!

Blaming my microphone while I compose myself

Now what did I learn I hear you say … LOTS. I learnt where my gaps are with my knowledge. I learnt when you try and recite someone else word for word, it doesn’t work! I learnt to simmer down your cockiness when you are talking to others (during our lunch) – cockiness leads to humbleness. I learnt who to look at when I forget my essentials. I learnt to read the attendees faces and body language (if they are understanding me or if I am confusing them). I learnt that no matter what I forget on stage, my team (the facilitators on the floor) will pick up the gaps and express this to the attendees. Now there were so many other lessons that came from that experience – in fact I recall thinking of about 30 lessons (also know as blessings) to bring me through my slump of energy to a space of gratitude.

I also asked myself where did I “succeed” in getting my message across. This was an eye opener. When I looked at the attendees faces they were engaged and present and writing. Feedback from the floor was the attendees understood what I was saying and appreciating having a laugh while I was explaining something so tender in getting across.

Presenting or doing a jig??

Now you can imagine what could have happened if I had crumbled to the floor and was embarrassed by what happened. I wouldn’t have been able to continue working the room. The attendees wouldn’t have had a focused facilitator. I would have been a wreck.

Now why am I telling you this? Because we fear failure and we don’t have to!

Failure is an absolute blessing.

If you are not failing on a daily basis, you aren’t playing life to its greatest.

In simple terms – when you fail do this:

  1. Write down your lessons/blessings to ‘failing’ on this event.
  2. Write down where you displayed the opposite to those people ‘succeeding’ on this event.
  3. If you feel you have ‘failed’ and it has affected someone else – write down the blessings to that person/s.
  4. Keep going until you see no ‘negatives’ to failing at this event.
  5. Imagine if you did this with EVERY failure in your life – I double dare you.

There have been many a time I have FAILED in life – I am a solo parent … I don’t save enough money … I don’t have the ‘perfect’ body shape … I don’t remember certain things … this mailer was suppose to be written on Wednesday … AND I need eye glasses …

Failures can also come from what others say to us – some ‘failures’ I don’t even see them as a failure, but to others they see it.

When you compare yourself to others, you minimize yourself and what you have to bring to the table – STOP comparing yourself. Yep there is a blog coming up on that too!!!

Once you fail once and see the true lessons/blessings, you don’t fear it anymore, you embrace the challenge and push yourself beyond your old limits.

Me ‘succeeding’ – he still valued a photo with me!

Failing can play such a massive shift in our lives.

  • Walt Disney – fired from his newspaper job for not being “creative enough”.
  • Steve Jobs – dropped out of college after one semester.
  • The Beatles – rejected from their first record company.
  • Stephen King – ‘Carrie’ was turned down by 30 publishers.
  • Babe Ruth – in one season, he struck out 1,330 times, and hit home runs 714 times (both being the most ever).
  • Oprah Winfrey – was turned down on her first show, as she was “too emotional”.
  • Thomas Edison – made 1000 unsuccessful attempts at the light bulb (1001 he nailed it).
  • Your Mum – …
  • Your Dad – …
  • Your Best Friend – …
  • Yourself – …

So play the game – step it up and ask yourself what challenge are you going to take on today … and FAIL at it!

Now after this blog, you are probably thinking, “shoot I don’t want to see this gal present or listen to her” – fabulous you don’t see the value in failing of me to you. But if you are curious to know more, or see me fail again and again then come and join me in Sydney and Melbourne this year at my signature program Awaken Your Excellence.

I can assure you there will be a transformation in your mindset, deep belly laughs, tears of inspiration and a new way of thinking that will be with you forever.

If you would love to see Dr Demartini when he is in Sydney, he is presenting The Breakthrough Experience and his teen program Inspired Destiny for Young Adults. Check out details on the right.

That’s me over and out – it is Friday 8pm and I haven’t asked my daughter if she would like dinner (oops – failure) … bring it on!

If you are interested in knowing more about what I have shared or have a specific question, email my team!

If you have a city/town you would love me to come to – also email my team. They love the connections as they get stuck behind a computer all day!

Feel free to forward this email to every person who you care about (those who challenge & support you) and especially those who inspire you to achieve.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and until next time Antío.

Love and gratitude
Deborah x
Inspire. Purpose. Achieve.

PS: “Thank You Deborah for failing on stage”.

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