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Man the last two weeks have been yet another interesting journey for me.  I guess I wasn’t grateful to what I had around me so I got alerted – majorly! But before I blurt it all out, I’d love to thank those who connected with me when I was in Australia.  I thought I pretty much knew who is on my mailing list so was surprised when strangers approached me when they recognized me and thanked me for sharing my insights in my social media posts or emails.  So for those who hunted me down – I appreciate you introducing yourself.  Thank you.

Right, now it’s back to me … I’m a pretty self-sufficient kind of gal and don’t often ask for assistance but when something comes into your life and you can’t filter it clearly into your reality, it is beneficial to pull in professional guidance.

Just before I boarded the plane in New Zealand, I had a little slip and pinged a tweak in my neck. As per “Debz style” she ignores it and carries on.  End result my neck got worse. So off I went to a medical specialist in Sydney, which led to full body x-rays.  End result … my spinal disc was out of alignment, my mind was struggling to balance what had happened and blah blah blah … I instantly got distracted with my purpose & took on another one.

As I was travelling, I was limited for time to resolve my issues so instead of assisting at The Breakthrough Experience, I chose to sit and work through my emotional charges.  For those who have not participated in this program, working on your emotional baggage is done over a 10-hour period. The actual two-day program is over 28 hours.  Yes it is intense. Yes it is a challenge. Yes it is bloody hard. But I can tell you, it is fricken worth it.

Working on my “shite”, it reminded me how important I am as an individual and a team player, what level I play on this globe and reminded me that you can’t change the world if you are sitting in your shite – so do the work!

Since the weekend, I have had the most amazing opportunities and connections from around the globe come into my life.  It has opened up far greater than I could have ever imagined in such a small amount of time.  The blessings are inspiring and yet another reminder to … DO THE WORK!

Now if you haven’t been to The Breakthrough Experience, you are possibly asking “what is the work”?  Well the work is The Demartini MethodTM.  Created by Human Behavior Expert, Dr John Demartini, it is a culmination of over 45 years of research, studying over 29,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages, which he shares on stage in over 60 countries.

I have had the blessing (& curse as my mum would occasionally say) of working closely with John throughout the world and he has challenged & supported me to strive past my fears and misperceptions.  When I feel the wheels are wobbling & unmanageable, he is one of the first I go to.  He has shown me how to master the Demartini MethodTM, to continue learning and to share my knowledge and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way.

So as I sit in Perth while my family and friends are receiving challenges in New Zealand, I choose to continue on my path of sharing my knowledge to others.  In reality you can’t be physically there for “everyone” but you are just a quality question away … “Are you able to help me?”

Yes it is as simple as that – if you ask the quality question, you will get a quality answer.

Today my quality question to you is … “Are you content with your life?”

If you say “yes” – great … although I believe you are BS yourself!

If you say “maybe” – fantastic … you are open to hearing and seeing new ideas but still BS yourself!

If you say “NO” – even better … you are ready to take action!  No time for BS!!

So for the YES’s, MAYBE’s & NO’s check out my one-day program Awaken Your Excellence in Perth this Saturday.   

Click here to find out more.

Yes the event is on April Fools day but I can assure you, this isn’t a joke … although I do tend to laugh often!

The way we run our life, comes down to patterns.  As humans, we have a natural “fight or flight” response to danger. But in the modern world our “danger” is stress. It’s emotional rather than physical — yet our bodies respond in the same way and show us major signs. We have a strong, primal desire to either run away from or fight any situations that make us feel uncomfortable.

We all know if you are running from something, the little bugger will run just as fast to catch up with you and smack you bigger than the last lesson.

If you don’t have the desire to “repeat your life challenges” (yes I hear you sigh), join me in Perth this Saturday at the  Awaken Your Excellence event.

If you are interested in knowing more and not able to attend this Saturday, email my team for a quick chat with me … don’t forget to ask the Quality Question!

Feel free to forward this email to every person who you care about (those who challenge & support you) and especially those who inspire you to achieve.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and until next time chow.

Love and gratitude,
Deborah x

Inspire. Purpose. Achieve.

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