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YOU Space!

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What is “YOU Space” I hear you ask?This is where YOU put your own oxygen mask on before you put on others – yes I am including YOU before your…

Know your skill – stick to this!

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This week in New Zealand we hit winter.  Now as much as I love all seasons, winter to me is one where you hibernate and eat soups and wear your…

What VALUE are you giving?

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It’s great to be back!! The past few months (well more like years but more in-depth recently) I have been learning and expanding my knowledge more on human behavior, body…

OWN Your Shit!

| Blog | One Comment

Yes the subject is correct … OWN Your Shit!  Now it isn’t that hard but it may take you a few times till you can master this and process it…

Listening to others!

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This past week I’ve been listening to others (more than I normally would) … which can be beneficial and can also be a detriment to you.  This is a tad…

Failure … Yep my BIG time experience!

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Wow what a whirlpool it has been the last couple of weeks around me. After cracking a bone in my wrist and finally being out of my cast, now in…

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