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Jump In Quick x

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I know it has been a couple of weeks since I last contacted you and this email isn’t going to have any tips in it! It isn’t that I am...

I got drunk x

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Yep you did read the header correctly … “I got drunk”! Let me take it back a bit before I tell you what happened … I believe I’ve been a…

pretty young woman jumping on green grass

Loving Life x

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Wow has it really been nearly a month since I connected last? Yes it has. Since last I have been to Australia and back twice, participated at my 17th Breakthrough…

The concept of being heart healthy conscience

Busting with info x

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Crikey when things take off – they take off! I know I haven’t been on form with my health the last month and we’ve had to shift a few things…

Illustration depicting a roadsign with an invasion of privacy concept. Sky background.

Invasion of Privacy x

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Yes I did say “Invasion of Privacy” in the header – why did I say that? Because the famous or infamous Ashley Madison website was hacked and the names &…

A fuel gauge shows its red needle plunging past Empty and breaking through the screen

Down and Out x

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Oh I love how time flies … well sometimes! Although in saying that, time this last fortnight has been a balance of both – flown by and also gone incredibly…