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Lesson of the year … don’t leave things till the last minute!!

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As I type this, my head is in overdrive and I have a LONG list of action tasks to be ticked off before I fly to Australia tomorrow … and…

KIDS!! Does yours have a voice and a vision?

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Yah yah I am back in New Zealand. Although my purpose for being back changed, I am grateful to be in familiar surroundings. Today I would like to talk about…

Do The Work!!

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Man the last two weeks have been yet another interesting journey for me.  I guess I wasn’t grateful to what I had around me so I got alerted – majorly!…

Vulnerability – a curse or blessing?

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I thought I would share something that hit me this week … twice … VULNERABILITY. Well the sneaky little bugger crept up on me and struck me big time. In…

OOPS I Opened My Mouth!!

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Recently I opened my mouth (shock horror I hear you gasp) – now sometimes after opening your mouth, you have instant regret. I didn’t in this case. I felt it…

The man who captured my heart x

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There’s only been a few who truly captured it and not just scratched the surface but there is one that still stands out in my life. I don’t find him…

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